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  • Learn Pedal Steel Guitar from a Pro

    Pedal Steel Guitar Hall-of-Famer Paul Franklin shares his 50 years of playing and teaching experience with you.

  • Lessons from Beginner to Mastery

    Paul takes you from beginner to advanced . . . all the way to Mastery. Start or stop wherever you like.

  • Covers Multiple Styles of Music

    Paul’s Method is applicable to Modern Country, Classic Country, Blues, Jazz, Rock & Pop — all forms of music.

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    Paul de-mystifies the pedal steel by breaking down concepts into easily learned lessons and gets you playing the right way, right away. No bad habits, nothing to unlearn!


    Check out Paul’s advanced lessons on chords, theory and improvisation. Learn the essential exercises and techniques he uses in his practice routine.


    If you’ve been playing a while and are stuck in a rut, let Paul guide you past the plateaus and help you break through to the next level.


    All you need is internet access and a computer or mobile device and you can start learning – at home or on the go.


    With great camera angles, TABs and step-by-step instruction, it’s like having Paul sit across from you in a one-on-one lesson.


    Paul covers the techniques and gear he uses and can help you dial up great tone no matter what amps/gear you are using.


    Paul breaks down some of his classic recorded parts and shows you alternate versions…and how to create your own!


    Let us know what you’d like Paul to cover, whether it’s new content or a more in-depth look at an existing lesson, and we’ll add it to the list of future videos.

About Paul Franklin

Paul Franklin began playing steel guitar at age 8. Taking lessons from a Hawaiian guitar master, he quickly progressed and when pedal steel guitars came about, he got one immediately.

Paul was already gigging in local clubs at 11, and a member of the Musician’s Union. Soon calls came to the house asking for a pedal steel player for sessions in the thriving local music scene.

Not only were Pop, Motown and Jazz popular, but the “Hillbilly Highway” of Southerners heading North to build cars fueled a burgeoning Country music scene.

Paul got his first taste of national success as a teenager on Gallery’s “It’s So Nice To Be With You”, a #1 hit single. He also guested on Parliament’s “Country Boy” track and worked with Motown producer Dennis Coffey (of instrumental hit “Scorpio” fame).

The pedal steel was being embraced by Country music, and Nashville was the place for this young prodigy to be, so he headed to Tennessee as a senior in high school to join Barbara Mandrell’s band at the invitation of her father, Irby. He also toured with Dottie West, Lynn Anderson, and Donna Fargo.

Session steeler Pete Drake hired Paul to play on jingles and a few recordings. Franklin joined Jerry Reed’s band and recorded solo albums of original pedal steel instrumentals and Jazz standards. A long stint with Mel Tillis’ Statesiders playing classic country and honky-tonk with an excellent road band was next.

After leaving Tillis, his studio career took off and he was featured in many of the albums of the 1980’s-2000s. In 1991 he took a call from Mark Knopfler that led to playing on The Notting Hillbillies album and eventually with Dire Straits, touring the world and recording On Every Street with them.

In recent years, besides his busy studio schedule, Franklin is a member of Vince Gill’s touring band and holds down the pedal steel seat with the Time Jumpers who showcase Western Swing and classic Country every Monday night at a local Nashville club

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A Few Comments From Paul's Students

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  • Bill B - " I have never had an instructor like Paul. He tells, explains, demonstrates, and inspires. No teacher I have ever had in any subject has done that."

  • Paul C - "Having struggled . . . to gain what knowledge of this amazing instrument that I have, and worked hard to do it, I only wish I had had this when I started out.

    I've seen most all of the instruction materials that have come over my playing life. This is by far the absolute best and as long as Paul desires to continue sharing his knowledge I'll be there to take lessons from him. "

  • Joseph N - " It's like having Tiger Woods help you with your golf game. I can't think of any other profession or hobby or avocation where regular folks have this kind of access to the best on the planet.

    When I explain this to my friends they are dumbfounded."

Complete Lesson List!

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  • 2


    • How to Navigate The Course Player - SLIDES
    • How to Navigate New Player - PDF
  • 3


    • STUDENTS: Check here for the LATEST NEWS
  • 4


    • The Parts of the Pedal Steel Guitar - VIDEO
    • Tuning Your Guitar - 3 VIDEOS
    • The Jeff Newman Tuning Chart - PDF
    • Changing Your Strings - VIDEO
    • For 6-String Guitarists - VIDEO
    • Strings, Groups, and Chords - 3 VIDEOS
    • The Open Strings - QUIZ
    • Fretboard By The Numbers - VIDEO
    • The Nashville Number System - PDF
    • Looking At The E9 Tuning In Intervals - VIDEO
    • Fretboard and Pedals - VIDEO
    • Thinking In Intervals - PDF
    • E9 Tuning - QUIZ
    • The Four String Groups - QUIZ
    • Chord Names On The Fretboard -QUIZ
    • How To Sit Behind The Guitar - VIDEO
    • How To Read TAB - VIDEO
    • How To Read TAB - PDF
  • 5


    • History Behind The E9th Floor Pedals - VIDEO
    • Basic E9th Pedals & Knee Levers - VIDEO
    • The Pedals - QUIZ
    • Pedals and Chords - QUIZ
    • Rocking The Pedals - VIDEO
    • Knee Lever Placement - VIDEO
    • Using The Volume Pedal - 2 VIDEOS
    • The Emotional Sound of the Pedals - VIDEO
    • PF4 And Pedal Placement - VIDEO
  • 6


    • Choices For Picking Techniques - VIDEO
    • The Picks – Why The Choice Matters - VIDEO
    • Mastering The Bar (Tuning And Tone) - VIDEO
    • Bar Pressure - VIDEO
  • 7


    • The Arpeggio - VIDEO
    • House of the Rising Sun TAB PDF
    • Blocking - VIDEO
    • Pick Blocking - VIDEO
    • Blocking the "Picked Rake" - VIDEO
    • Creative Speed Picking - VIDEO
    • Scale Permutations TAB - PDF
    • Applying Permutations TAB - PDF
    • Chimes - VIDEO
    • Viewing Paul’s Right Hand Technique - VIDEO
    • 3 Element Blocking - VIDEO
    • Building Speed - VIDEO
    • Building Speed TAB - PDF
    • Building Speed Pt 2 - VIDEO
    • Building Speed Pt 2 TAB - PDF
  • 8


    • Bar Precision And Playing In Tune - VIDEO
    • Bar Exercises - VIDEO
    • Controlling The Bar - VIDEO
    • Bar Slants - 3 VIDEOS
    • Viewing Paul’s Bar Technique - VIDEO
    • Vibrato - 2 VIDEOS
    • Hammer On Exercise - VIDEO
    • Exercises For Bar & Pedal Coordination - VIDEO
  • 9


    • The Four String Groups (Major) - VIDEO
    • Beginner Chord Etude TAB - PDF
    • Beginner Chord Etude - BACKING TRACK
    • The Four String Groups (Minor) - VIDEO
    • Minor Chords - QUIZ
    • Timing: Working With A Metronome - VIDEO
    • Practicing The String Groups - VIDEO
    • The 1-4-5 Progression - VIDEO
    • More On 1-4-5 Progressions - VIDEO
    • Goodnight Ladies TAB - PDF
    • Chord Progressions - VIDEO
    • Chord Progressions - PRACTICE TRACKS
    • 1-4-5 - Piano & Click PRACTICE TRACKS
    • 1-4-5 Chords In Every Key - PDF
    • Basic Music Theory - PDF
    • Major Chord Piano & Click - PRACTICE TRACKS
    • Minor Chord Piano & Click - PRACTICE TRACKS
  • 10


    • Pads & Power Chords - VIDEO
    • Power Chord TAB - PDF
    • Dominant 7th Chords - VIDEO
    • Sliding Into 7ths With Pedals - VIDEO
    • More Positions For 7ths, 9ths & 13ths - VIDEO
    • Dominant 7th Workout - PRACTICE TRACK
    • Dominant 7 Workout - PDF
    • The Major 6th - VIDEO
    • The ‘add9’ & ‘add2’ Chords - VIDEO
    • Using the Flat 5 - VIDEO
    • Diminished Chords - VIDEO
    • Augmented Chords - 3 VIDEOS
    • Augmented Chord Progressions TAB - PDF
    • Playing The Blues - VIDEO
  • 11


    • Major Scale Key Of C - VIDEO
    • Basic Harmony - PDF
    • Harmonies Found Inside The Major Scale - VIDEO
    • Diatonic Harmony TAB - PDF
    • Harmonizing the Major Scale In 3rds - VIDEO
    • Applying the Harmonized Major Scale - 3 VIDEOS
    • Diatonic Harmony Across the Frets TAB - PDF
    • Putting It All Together - VIDEO
    • Extending Fretboard Knowledge - VIDEO
    • Expanding The E9 Neck - VIDEO
    • Expanded Neck Lesson Etude TAB - PDF
    • Modes: Ionian (Major) - 3 VIDEOS
    • Londonderry Aire TAB - PDF
    • Thoughts On Chords - TEXT & PDF
    • E9 Chord Substitutions - VIDEO
    • E9 Chord Substitutions TAB - PDF
    • Thinking Simply - Major Chords - VIDEO
    • Thinking Simply - Major TAB - PDF
    • Thinking Simply - Minors - VIDEO
    • Thinking Simply - Minors TAB - PDF
  • 12


    • Setting the Amp for Tone - VIDEO
    • Using Compensators - VIDEO
  • 13


    • How To Practice - VIDEO
    • How To Practice Without A Guitar - VIDEO
    • The Importance of Memorization - VIDEO
    • On Being Analytical, Buddy, and Influences - 3 VIDEOS
    • Practicing Advice - VIDEO
  • 14


    • Keeping An Open Mind - VIDEO
    • No Longer A Beginner - VIDEO
    • How To Make Everything Your Own - VIDEO
    • Focus - VIDEO
  • 15


    • Resolving To G - VIDEO
    • Resolving To G TAB - PDF
    • G Major – Banjo Roll - VIDEO
    • Banjo Roll Lick TAB - PDF
    • Bakersfield Variations - VIDEO
    • Bakersfield Variation Lick TAB - PDF
    • G To G7 - VIDEO
    • G to G7 TAB - PDF
    • Bakersfield Hammer-On - VIDEO
    • Bakersfield Hammer-On TAB - PDF
    • A Nice Pull Off Ending - VIDEO
    • A Nice Pull-Off Ending TAB - PDF
    • The Rake - VIDEO
    • The Rake TAB - PDF
    • Chordal Pull Offs - VIDEO
    • Chordal Pull-Offs TAB - PDF
    • Cool Chord Lick - VIDEO
    • Cool Chord TAB - PDF
    • Ballad Lick (Feet & Knee Practice) - VIDEO
    • Ballad TAB - PDF
    • Pentatonic – 70’s Country Style - VIDEO
    • 70's Country Style TAB - PDF
    • 60’s Country: 5-1 Walk-Down - VIDEO
    • 60s Country Walk-down TAB - PDF
    • Memphis Groove - VIDEO
    • Memphis Grove TAB - PDF
    • Western Swing Style - VIDEO
    • Western Swing TAB - PDF
    • Beautiful Ballad Phrase: 1 – 1dom7 - VIDEO
    • Beautiful Ballad TAB - PDF
    • Rock Style With R&B Harmonies - VIDEO
    • Rock Style TAB - PDF
    • Breakout Lick - VIDEO
    • Breakout TAB - PDF
    • Thinks He's A Train Lick - VIDEO
    • Thinks He's A Train TAB - PDF
    • C6 Sounds on the E9 Tuning: 1 to 4 Changes - VIDEO
    • C6 Sounds 1 to 4 TAB - PDF
  • 16


    • Bakersfield Style - VIDEO
    • Bakersfield Style TAB - PDF
    • Bakersfield Style 1511 Var 1 - VIDEO
    • Bakersfield Style Var 1 TAB - PDF
    • Bakersfield Style 1511 Var 2 - VIDEO
    • Bakersfield Style Var 2 TAB - PDF
    • Bakersfield Style 1511 Var 3 - VIDEO
    • Bakersfield Style Var 3 TAB - PDF
    • Additional Bakersfield - BACKING TRACKS
    • 5511 Ballad - VIDEO
    • 5511 Ballad TAB - PDF
    • 5511 Ballad Var 1 - VIDEO
    • 5511 Ballad Var 1 TAB - PDF
    • 5511 Ballad Var 2 - VIDEO
    • 5511 Ballad Var 2 TAB - PDF
    • 5511 Ballad Var 3 - VIDEO
    • 5511 Ballad Var 3 TAB - PDF
    • Additional 5511 Ballad - BACKING TRACKS
  • 17


    • Backing a Singer Intro - VIDEO
    • Backing a Singer Pt 2 - VIDEO
    • Backing A Singer Pt 2 All 8 TABs in 1 - PDF
    • Backing a Singer Pt 2 8 Individual TABs - PDF
    • Backing A Singer Pt 3 (Fills) - VIDEO
    • Backing A Singer 3 (Fills) TABs - PDF
    • Backing A Singer Pt 4 - VIDEO
    • Backing A Singer Pt4 TABs - PDF
    • Playing to the Lyric - VIDEO
  • 18


    • Intro To Approach Notes - VIDEO
    • C6 E9 Approach Note Method - VIDEO
    • C6 E9 Approach Notes TAB - PDF
    • Phrasing Pt 1 - VIDEO
    • Phrasing Pt 1 TAB - PDF
    • Phrasing - Pt 2 - VIDEO
    • Phrasing - Pt 2 TAB - PDF
    • Intro to Pivoting - VIDEO
    • Intro To Pivoting TAB - PDF
    • Counterpoint - VIDEO
    • Counterpoint TAB - PDF
    • Connecting With Your Instrument - 3 VIDEOS
    • Technique Options - 2 VIDEOS
    • Technique Options Pt1 TAB - PDF
    • Technique Options Pt2 TAB - PDF
    • Technique Options Pt3 - VIDEO
    • Technique Options Pt3 TAB - PDF
    • Knowing Intervals in Any Tuning - TEXT
    • Permutations As Shapes - Pt1 - VIDEO
    • Permutations As Shapes Pt1 - TAB PDF
    • Permutations As Shapes - Pt2 - VIDEO
    • Permutations As Shapes Pt2 TAB - PDF
    • Open String Licks - VIDEO
    • Open Strings TAB - PDF
  • 19


    • Sounds and Techniques - VIDEO
    • Crafting a Rock Solo - 2 VIDEOS
    • Blues Rock TAB - PDF
    • Joe Walsh Style TAB - PDF
    • Americana Music - VIDEO
    • Americana Music TABs - PDF
  • 20


    • Overview of C6 Instruction- VIDEO
    • Differences Between E9 and C6 - VIDEO
    • C6: Tuning The Open Strings - VIDEO
    • C6 Open Tuning - QUIZ
    • C6: Open Strings Explained - VIDEO
    • Chords in Open Tuning - QUIZ
    • C6: Fretboard Explained - VIDEO
    • Thoughts on the Tuning & the Buddy Emmons Setup - TEXT
    • C6: Buddy Emmons Pedal Setup - 2 VIDEOS
    • C6: Chord Pockets (Maj & Min) - VIDEO
    • C6: Chord Pockets TAB - PDF
    • C6: Single Note Pockets Pt 1 - VIDEO
    • C6: Single Note Pockets Pt1 TAB - PDF
    • C6: Single Note Pockets Pt 2 - VIDEO
    • C6: Single Note Pockets Pt 2 TAB - PDF
    • C6: "PFM Blues" Part 1 & 2 - 2 VIDEOS
    • C6: PFM Blues TAB - PDF
    • PFM Blues Backing Tracks - MP3s
    • C6: 2-5-1 Progression - VIDEO
    • C6: 2-5-1 Progression TABs - PDF
    • C6: Harmonizing the Scale in 3rds and 4ths - VIDEO
    • C6: Harmony Scales 3rd and 4ths TAB - PDF
    • C6: Turnaround Progression 3m 6 2m 5 - VIDEO
    • C6: Turnaround 3m 6 2m 5 TAB - PDF
    • C6: 2-5-1 Eb and Bb - VIDEO
    • C6: Lick 2-5-1 Eb Bb TABs - PDF
    • C6: Blues With Extensions Pt 1 - VIDEO
    • C6: Blues With Extensions Pt 2 - VIDEO
    • C6: Pedal Change - VIDEO
    • C6: Intervallic Improv VS Scales - VIDEO
    • C6: Intervallic TAB - PDF
    • C6: Paul's Pedal Setup - VIDEO
    • C6: Paul's Pedal Setup TAB - PDF
    • E9 Sounds on C6 - VIDEO
    • E9 Sounds On C6 Tab - PDF
    • How to Translate C6th Lessons to Lap Steel - VIDEO
    • Soloing Advice - Pt 1 - VIDEO
    • Soloing Advice Pt 1 TAB - PDF
    • Lenny's Lesson - VIDEO
    • Lenny's Lesson TAB - PDF
    • All My Exes - VIDEO
    • All My Exes Live in Texas TAB - PDF
  • 21


    • How To Create A Facebook Account
    • How To Determine Your Facebook Email Address
    • Improvisation
    • Applying The Basics
    • Bluegrass Backup and Soloing
    • Right or Wrong
    • Interval Memorization Application
    • E9 Blues
    • Difficult Is Good
    • Applying Your Interval Knowledge - TEXT
  • 22


    • Background Drones In Various Keys - DRONES
    • Drumbeat Practice Tracks - Shuffle and Ballad - DRUMBEATS
    • Browser Settings for PDF files
    • Cycle Of 4ths and 5ths - PDF
    • Major Scales and Triads - PDF
    • Chord Formulas - PDF
    • How to Maximize the Paul Franklin Method - PDF
    • Suggested Listening - LINKS
    • Some Pedal Steel Resources - LINKS
    • TAB Basics - PDF
    • Blank Tab Sheet - PDF
    • Our Other Courses
  • 23


    • Dann Huff Part 1
    • Dann Huff Part 2
    • Lloyd Green Part 1
    • Lloyd's Venus Moon - TAB
    • Lloyd Green Part 2
    • Lloyd Green Part 3
    • Lloyd Green Part 7
    • Tommy White Part 1 of 2
    • Tommy White Part 2 of 2

What Our Students Are Saying

Just a small sampling from the emails we've received

" I'm constantly amazed at the bits of the lessons I get carried away by, often far from the "point" of the lesson -- or are they? Maybe a subtlety of timing, maybe how the note sounds when a pedal goes down, maybe just a group of strings I never thought of for a chord. Every lesson is like a master class for me! "

"Great stuff for players of any level. To have this kind of access to the way Paul thinks about stuff is priceless."

"The learning platform is so well done, with any effort on the students part they greatly improve their skills. I love playing out now and working on the new things I've learned."

"This is an in-depth, thought-provoking study of pedal steel techniques which will enhance anyone's ability, no matter what level you think you're on regarding the instrument."

"The content in these lessons will shorten your learning curve dramatically. It would have saved me years if I had had access to this material when I was learning to play. It's a great refresher course on some of the more basic topics, and the pro level material is second to none."

"The private Facebook Group page is an extremely valuable add-on to the course enrollment, as you have the opportunity to interact directly with Paul (and others), posting questions about the course material, getting direct responses, hearing how others are handling it, etc. It really supercharges your enrollment in the course."

"There are a lot of great players out there, but just because you can execute flawlessly and understand what you are playing doesn’t mean you can teach it well or provide meaningful instruction. Paul eclipses both of those AND comes across like the kind of genuine guy I’d like to have a beer with."

"The Paul Franklin Method is the most comprehensive study in and of pedal steel that has ever been available. It is literally an online university. To be able to study Paul’s mastery in such a frank and detailed way is amazing. Paul provides the gateway and insight to so much information in playing and about the instruments capabilities, whether a new player or professional. I only wish I’d had this available to me so many years ago."

"I’m about 6% into the lessons and already got my money’s worth. Not only am I understanding the instrument better, but I’m seeing things much differently and haven’t been this inspired to play in a few years. I run the lessons through a laptop onto a 32”HD monitor so it really is like he’s sitting there two feet in front of me."

Since I started the course January 1st I hear a difference in my playing, both in sessions and on stage, which is really pleasing. Bottom line, the course has helped me make noticeable improvements.

I get excited about playing and practicing (the right stuff) every day…that is LARGE. If that’s not enough, the access to Paul’s advice on the Facebook Group page is going way above & beyond the call of duty IMO, more so than any course I am aware of."

"All I can say is this course is fantastic! Even though I have been playing for decades (self-taught), I learned so much new stuff from the first beginning lessons! Thank you Mr. Franklin and Modern Music Masters for doing this – it is unprecedented in the music business, the notion of getting lessons from one of our acknowledged current masters!"

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Course FAQ

  • What is The Paul Franklin Method?

    The Paul Franklin Method is a subscription streaming video course brought to you by Modern Music Masters.

    Your enrollment covers the price of the Course and includes 12 months of access. After that, you can opt in on a monthly basis. The course launched on Jan 1 2018 with over 100 wide-ranging video lessons and Paul has been adding videos regularly ever since.

    The idea is to create an virtual classroom environment. Instead of booking a flight to Nashville, paying for a hotel room, food and transportation to take an hour or two lesson from Paul whenever his schedule might allow it, you can do it 24/7 from your home on any device that can stream online video.

    Unlike a private lesson, you can review the materials by watching the videos over and over, use the video player to slow things down, and print out TABs and other relevant lesson materials.

    You’ll have all the necessary close-up shots of Paul’s bar hand, pick hand and the pedals and levers, perspectives you simply could not get all at once at a private lesson.

    This complete approach to teaching is what Paul means when he calls the Method a “living, breathing course”. Online streaming allows Paul to truly create a Method, not just an hour of hot licks or techniques – though of course hot licks, solos and intros are included in the Method!

    The pedal steel has never had a complete video method dedicated to it, and we are aiming to set the standard of quality and completeness. You should be able to start from scratch and come out playing at a high level. Paul has committed to keep teaching as long as students are willing to learn.

  • How is this different from Foundations: E9 PSB?

    Foundations: E9PSGB is Paul's starter course for pedal steel guitar. All of the material in F:E9SGB is contained in TPFM. TPFM continues on from the basics and goes deeper into all aspects of the PSG.

  • What do I get when I enroll?

    The Paul Franklin Method is a streaming online video course. Your initial enrollment includes well over 100 videos and 12 months of viewing access. You can view all of the videos and content 24/7 when connected to the internet.

  • Is there a limit on how many times I can watch a video?

    You can watch the videos as often as you’d like. There are no viewing limits.>

  • What devices can I watch the videos on?

    The Paul Franklin Method can be viewed on desktop computers and mobile devices – phones, tablets, laptops – as long as you have a supported browser on them and they are connected to the internet.

  • Is there a way to try before I buy?

    Yes. We offer a free Test Drive of this course, containing a select sample of Paul Franklin Method lessons. Just scroll down to bottom of this page.

  • Am I allowed to download the videos?

    The Paul Franklin Method videos are not available for download, though other items like PDFs and TABs, are.

    Your initial enrollment allows you access to view the videos online 24/7 for 12 months. After that there will be affordable monthly subscription plans that will maintain your access to the site.

  • Will I need extra bandwidth capacity from my ISP or Carrier?

    That will depend on the Service Plan you have with your Provider.

    When streaming to your device, the video player attempts to detect your device’s capability and the current quality of your internet connection.

    The default setting will auto adjust to deliver a quality viewing experience. If you prefer a resolution other than the ‘auto’ setting choice, you have the ability to select the resolution that is being sent to you.

    The settings will typically range from a high of 1080p or 720p to a low of 224p. The lower the resolution setting, the less bandwidth used.

  • What kind of pedal setup do I need to take this Course?

    Paul teaches using the standard pedal setups as used by Buddy Emmons, Jimmy Day, Lloyd Green, Rusty Young, Tom Brumley, etc.

    Pedal placement is your personal preference, so Paul refers to them as “A”, “B” or “C” pedals. Wherever you have those changes on your guitar is your call.

    Universal or Extended tuning users can benefit from the Course, just apply the concepts to your own tuning/copedent.


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